We are specialists in construction and building disputes.

Our expertise extends to residential construction projects, which often engage the protections of the Consumer Rights Act 2015. We recognise that many such projects do not complete on time, within budget, or may present with defects. Swift action is necessary to find a solution. Our construction lawyers always focus on cost-effective solutions and provide a free no-obligation initial consultation.

Our expertise also extends to commercial construction projects, including joint-venture agreements, and employer-contractor or contractor-subcontractor disputes. Such disputes often engage the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996. We are able to advise on such disputes, including on adjudication, and we provide a free no-obligation initial consultation.

In addition to legal advice, we can assist with alternative dispute resolution (such as negotiation, mediation, and adjudication), and conduct advocacy before the Court.

We can also assist with advisory work such as reviewing contracts.

Why Choose Us?

Our expert team of construction law solicitors and barristers understand the nuances of construction disputes and provide a pragmatic and jargon free advice and support to clients.

We adopt a cheerful outlook in resolving the most complex and challenging contract claims and our dedicated team will leave no stone unturned to ensure that our advice is the most robust, appropriate, and cost-effective form of resolution.

Our deep understanding of construction law enables us to provide our clients with a vigorous approach to the resolution of disputes by adjudication and arbitration.

When you instruct Westbury Solicitors, you can be assured of receiving a commercially viable advice that will be tailor made and focussed to your needs

We understand that when things go wrong, resolution is not only knowing the law but understanding the intricacies of the dispute and seeking the best possible outcome for your business by analysing and formulating dispute resolution strategies.

We assist in the following

  • Contract Checking and Advice
  • Disputes Relating to Variations
  • Advising on Sub-Contract Agreements
  • Disputes Relating to Quality or Defects
  • Delay or Incomplete Works
  • Reviewing Terms and Conditions
  • Third Party Contractor Issues
  • Collateral Warranties
  • Damage to Third Party Properties
  • Joint Venture Arrangements
  • Professional Appointments
  • Clarification of Contract Terms
  • Contract Drafting
  • Breach of Contract
  • Termination
  • General Legal Advice
For specialist legal advice and support, please contact our Principal Solicitor on 0115 837 6570